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Since 1957, Vistage has made a difference by bringing together groups of successful executives across a broad array of industries. The goal: more success. Each group is designed to help members help each other improve their businesses and their lives.

Our Professionally Facilitated Advisory Peer Groups Dig Deep on Challenging and Important Issues


Vistage groups meet once a month to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues. They are confidential forums of experienced executives who rely on each other for wisdom and counsel.

And Then It Happens


Through these expertly facilitated discussions, What to do? becomes What to do. Perspective is achieved, a definitive plan of action is determined. In subsequent meetings, progress is checked and accountability ensured. Are you ready for the challenge?

Our Chairs, Many of Whom are Former CEOs, Expertly Guide Our Peer Groups


Put up to 16 high performing business executives in a room and the potential is enormous. The role of a Vistage Chair is to question answers, not simply answer questions, so the core of an issue is exposed, clarity is achieved, and a forward path is charged.

World-Class Facilitators Make a World of Difference

Our Chairs are always learning

CEO Issue Processing

All Vistage Chairs participate in executive development programs to hone their skills through collaboration in our extensive Chair network.                                          

Chairs provide one to one business coaching


Each month the Chair and their members have a private, one to one coaching session designed to help identify the most important needs and opportunities for their business.

Chairs form groups and facilitate meetings


Chairs build advisory groups by personally identifying, engaging and developing members. They invest time and energy into creating productive meetings and relationships.

Chairs keep members ahead of the game


The difference with Vistage Chairs is education is ever-evolving. From industry trends to negotiating tactics, Chairs ensure Members are always in the know.

Meet a Few of Our Chairs

Mike Kady

Mike Kady (3)


Mike Kady joined Vistage Florida in 2009 as a Chief Executive Group Chair. He currently chairs a chief Executive Vistage group in the Fort Lauderdale – Miami region of South Florida.

States Hines


Palm Beach

States Hines has been a Chairman and facilitator of Vistage Florida since 1989, and currently chairs a Chief Executive group in the Martin, Dade and Palm Beach area.

Georganne Goldblum

Georganne (2)

Ft. Lauderdale

Georganne Goldblum has been successfully coaching senior executives to outperform their goals and their competition since 2002.

George Robbins

George Robbins


George joined Vistage Florida in the fall of 2002 after a thirty-five year career in business leadership roles and currently chairs a Chief Executive group in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

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Working with Their Peer Advisory Groups, Members Get Answers and Take Action

Adam Skolnik with partner(2)

Members Know Industry Challenges Differ but Solutions Can be Similar

Adam Skolnik - Irrigation Components International, Inc.

Adam Skolnik and partner with sign

Adam describes himself as a “poster boy” for Vistage. Through the various career moves he maintained his membership in the group even when it required him to pay his dues personally. He plans his travel and business schedule around his Vistage Meeting schedule, rarely missing a meeting. And, he frequently tells his Chair, Linda Pfister, and his fellow members that he can’t imagine life without them and Vistage. And, they can’t imagine the group without him!

Jim & Mike Grogan - MBI Direct Mail

Grogan picture

Jim Grogan, founder and CEO of MBI Direct Mail and his son, Mike Grogan, Vice President both took a critical situation to their groups and returned with a new organizational structure. They both said “It’s a decision that would never have been made without the power of two Vistage Groups who provided their best thinking for our future.”

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Vistage Florida is an affiliate of Vistage International - the world’s leading Chief Executive Organization. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Vistage Florida has approximately 800 members in in upwards to 70 groups across the state, including CEO Groups and Key Leader Groups.

Vistage Florida is an invitation-only group open to successful CEOs, business owners, presidents and key executives. Vistage Florida utilizes peer review and educational opportunities to increase effectiveness and enhance the lives of business leaders and their organizations. Eligibility is determined by company size, competitor/vendor relationships, and the specific wants and needs of the group and company.

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