Starting Strong & Making a Statement!

By Jamie Leno Zimron, Vistage Speaker

We’re setting sail into 2015 and right now is the first inning, the opening minutes of the first quarter, the first tee and hole, the qualifying heat. January is about getting out-of-the-blocks and into the race, then following your overall game plan and sticking to your own success strategies. Of course adjustments will be made along the way, and unpredictable things can be expected – so starting strong not only sets you on-course but can give you a fast advantage and welcome cushion for all that is to come.

Continuing the sports metaphor: When a team puts up points fast, or a golfer opens with a birdie, or a runner or cyclist distances themselves early, it’s called MAKING A STATEMENT! They let themselves and everyone else know that they came to play and are up to the task. They gain crucial recognition and respect. Their talents, drive, competitive presence and winning potential are taken seriously.

As 2015 dawns, with all the promise, potential and yes peril of the new set of 12 months lying before each of us, I suggest focusing not so much on resolutions as on what statements we want to be making. To ourselves, co-workers, loved ones, and to ’the universe’ that is really the field of consciousness we are all playing in.

So my coach’s question is: What statements are you making, by your words and deeds, to make 2015 a banner year in your life? Take some time to think on and write down your statements. Here are 5 key words to keep front and center: CONTEMPLATE. CHOOSE. VISUALIZE. COMMIT. ACT.

  1. Contemplate, then Choose: What you truly want, that will best serve you as well as those you work with, live with, and the world.
  2. Visualize: Your strategies, actions, and your wins!
  3. Commit and Act: State your goals and commitments. Set up and follow accountability systems. Take creative and enjoyable action. And act as if you’re already there! See, feel and taste having what you want / being where you want to be / doing what you want to be doing / with the people you want to be with / at the levels you want to be working, earning, investing and growing at.

Make your 2015 statements every day and in every way you can. As a personal example, on January 1st I got up early and drove 60 miles to be part of a sunny but chilly New Year’s Day Aikido training on the beach in northern California – capped off with a community cold-plunge into the ocean for purification and intention-setting. I am working on some major KiAi Business projects and Aikido peace events this year. So it was that important to get out of my warm cozy bed to go make my own crystal-clear internal and external statements, fortified by the conscious group energy. I then spent the rest of the day and long weekend de-cluttering my desk and office, to have clear work-space and make room for new ideas and ventures to come in.

As we move individually and collectively into 2015, potential is limitless, and is about limiting less. Be aware of making your own statements with clarity, sincerity, commitment and boldness. January is the springboard. Statements set intentions so that what you want for yourself and your company to experience and accomplish MATERIALIZES and HAPPENS!

Let’s all take the torch from 2014, keep building momentum and victories in 2015, and keep on contributing our talents and expertise to making this world a better place for everyone.