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Georganne Goldblum | Vistage Chair

Who are Vistage CEO coaches?

Vistage CEO coaches — known as Chairs — are dedicated to improving the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEOs, business owners and key executives. They are accomplished business leaders and mentors, hand-picked from a cross-section of industries. At the peak of achievement in their own careers, each realized how much they could contribute as mentors. The guidance of a Vistage CEO coach creates a ripple effect that’s felt by leaders in the C-suite, employees in your company and members of your community.

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                            Karl Sprague | Vistage Chair

What will having a Vistage CEO coach mean for you?

Benefit from a business leader and mentor who is proven, experienced and unbiased. Dedicated to serving your best interest. Vistage CEO coaches are committed to their own continual learning and development to ensure they proactively provide the most leading-edge tools, resources and knowledge for the growth of your business. The relationship Vistage members build with their CEO coach is a game-changer, professionally and personally.

It is proven. Vistage CEO coaches — more than 800 worldwide — help today’s top leaders reach their next level of success.

Take a moment to meet some of our Vistage CEO coaches

As a Vistage Chair, I enable Owners and CEOs to effectively achieve their desired “End in Mind”.

Bill Edgar
Gainesville / Ocala Area

Vistage Chair since 2011

Being a Vistage Chair allows me to help my Members build the Value of their Business by helping them to grow Personally and Professionally. Providing support and challenge for them on their Journey.”

Georganne Goldblum
Ft. Lauderdale Area

Vistage Chair since 2002

“The quest for excellence gives dignity to a person and character to a business.”

David Farrington
Jacksonville Area

Vistage Chair since 2018

“It is an honor to be a Vistage Chair and have the opportunity to know the outstanding men and women in my group. My vision is to inspire my members to dream more and become more every day and to achieve their goals. We make this journey to success together as a group with business wisdom, love and acts of kindness.”

Barbara Monti
Naples/SW Florida Area

Vistage Chair since 1996

“As a Vistage Chair, I have the privilege of working with some of the most interesting and motivated members of our business community.  To be a part of the process that enables them to achieve their goals has been extremely rewarding.

Mike Kady
Miami/Boca Raton/Stuart Area

Vistage Chair since 2009

My mission as a Vistage Chair is to help my members achieve success, however they define it, professionally and personally. I do this by bringing together a diverse, smart, group of individuals who genuinely want to grow, be held accountable and help each other. My role is to ask thought provoking questions, facilitate productive group interactions and offer my own insights when I can add value to the discussion.

Newell Holt
Palm Beach Area

Vistage Chair since 2012

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