Become a Vistage CEO Coach

Vistage CEO coaches—known as Chairs—are an exclusive group of advisors.

Each helps to guide high-integrity CEOs and senior executives to work together to improve themselves, their companies and their communities, by addressing the common struggles and complex challenges they face on the path to personal and professional excellence.

As a qualified Vistage CEO coach you would:

  • Be a former or transitioning president, chairman of the board, CEO, COO, managing partner, principal, founder or owner—or senior executive with significant P&L responsibility.
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit with bold leadership skills.
  • Have a passion for mentoring others.
  • Be experienced in leading a high-performing team.
  • Be part of a well-established business network within your community.
  • Have the ability to listen to—and challenge—CEOs and senior executives.
  • Have achieved great success and are driven to give back.

To learn more about the Vistage CEO coaching opportunity, complete this short application and upload your resume/CV/biography. A member of our Chair selection team will be in touch with you shortly.