The Power of Charismatic Leadership

"Charisma is not just saying hello. It's dropping what you're doing to say hello."

- Robert Brault, Author

Most people understand that a charming and friendly person is much more welcoming than the opposite. Yet when imagining a strong, effective leader, many people envision a straight to the point, firm voice that is more or less “telling peop...

Recovering from a Social Media Setback

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” ~ Christian Lous Lange

With the immediate and very public features that are involved with social media, companies are becoming more aware of the possibility of errors. Social media implementation is essential for a business or organization to grow but can also be an easy outlet for e...

Trendy Business

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“Figuring out what the next big trend is tells us what we should focus on.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

No matter what type of business you’re in, creating a forward-thinking business brand is important when growing your company and to stand out. Trends in business can be promoted in many forms such as social media, merchandising and other forms ...