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Finding the Right Speaker

Would you like to motivate your management team? Give them new ideas and help them set higher goals for themselves? One of the best ways to do so is to bring in an outside expert resource speaker. One of the trickiest parts of bringing in a speaker is selecting the right speaker for your organization. […]

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How to Break Bread Professionally

“Breaking bread” has been one of the most important acts between individuals for thousands of years. Kings hosted celebratory feasts, Christ broke bread with his disciples, and countless families have bonded over home cooked meals. Eating a meal with other individuals is a way of indirectly showing trust and friendship. Because of its importance, it […]

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Get Involved

Getting your business involved in the community has a plethora of benefits, and doing so is relatively easy. Here are five great ways to get involved and the benefits that ensue: Join the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce offers its members a great way to connect with other respectable members and organizations in […]

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The Breath of Success

What do fame, power, money, winning, or having a nice family with a house and white picket fence have in common? They are all things different individuals use to define success. This success is something that most everyone wants to gain, but few actually obtain. There is an old story about the need for success […]

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Become The Head Coach of Your Business

As we enter into October we are now three games into the NFL season, and all three of Florida’s teams have something in common; they all have losing records. Some might blame this on costly injuries or the immaturities of younger teams. But, I believe it is deeper than those deficiencies. A winning team faces […]

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