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Creativity in Your Business

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  ~ Walt Disney Continuing success in business doesn’t always include becoming bigger and working harder, it does always require creating innovative ways to improve existing processes and trying new ideas to overcome old […]

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Keeping Your Word

How often do we make a commitment and then fail to do it? Our word is a matter of integrity. Our word and commitments are important, have value, and show our goals and desires. There is an old saying “let your word be your bond.” We have all had personal experiences where friends or colleagues […]

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Working from Home

Imagine waking up every morning and starting your work day at your home office desk with your coffee without the stress of a traffic commute or the office politics that waste time and are a distraction to the business of the day. Sound nice? Depending on your personal preferences and goals, working from home may […]

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Screen Reading

Digital screens are in our pockets, on our wrists, in our briefcases, purses, suitcases, cars, planes, living rooms, on our desks at work and now even on gas pumps. No matter where we go, how we get there or what field we work in we are the generation of screens. Screen reading is the new normal and we all are […]

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The Results of Handwriting

When was the last time you put a pen to paper and wrote a note? In our anonymous digital age, the need for a personal mark is increasingly more important, but in a world of touchscreens and tablets can the role of handwriting survive? Not only is personal writing an important skill, but it is […]

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Weather The Storm

Three weeks into the New Year we finally have some winter weather washing over the country impacting over 50 million people in the northeast. With up to 2 feet of snow in Washington, D.C. this weekend, people are bundling up, buying snow shovels and flashlights. Major travel delays as a result of blowing snow and […]

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The Rise and Fall During an Election Year

As I get ready in the morning I try and update myself with the latest news in regards to today’s politicians and the presidential campaign. I listen to the news playing in the background, glance at the “breaking news” alerts sent to my phone and hear NPR blasting from my car radio, and all I […]

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As the New Year approaches, now is a great time to not only plan for the upcoming year, but reflect back on your accomplishments in the past year. Here at Vistage Florida, I encourage my people to do a couple of specific things as the year comes to a close: When looking back on the […]

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Family First

The holidays are a great time to reflect on family and serve as a reminder of what we find most important. All year long we work hard to provide for the family whom we love so much. In doing so, we can easily lose sight of our real goals. We get so wrapped up in […]

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Millennials: What Do They Want?

Every generation tells a different story. Its members have faced various states of the economy, fought different battles and overcome diverse societal obstacles. These events and circumstances shape their ideas and beliefs, and essentially give characteristics to a generation.  As the Millennial generation surpasses Generation X as the largest living generation and continues to expand […]

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