As the New Year approaches, now is a great time to not only plan for the upcoming year, but reflect back on your accomplishments in the past year. Here at Vistage Florida, I encourage my people to do a couple of specific things as the year comes to a close: When looking back on the […]

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Family First

The holidays are a great time to reflect on family and serve as a reminder of what we find most important. All year long we work hard to provide for the family whom we love so much. In doing so, we can easily lose sight of our real goals. We get so wrapped up in […]

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Efficiently Planning

Time management is arguably one of the most important aspects of a professional’s success. The ability to efficiently handle a busy schedule is essential for CEOs and has been a topic of discussion among Vistage group members. A planner, whether paper or electronic, is a tool many experienced business professionals use as a way of […]

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Finding the Right Speaker

Would you like to motivate your management team? Give them new ideas and help them set higher goals for themselves? One of the best ways to do so is to bring in an outside expert resource speaker. One of the trickiest parts of bringing in a speaker is selecting the right speaker for your organization. […]

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The Breath of Success

What do fame, power, money, winning, or having a nice family with a house and white picket fence have in common? They are all things different individuals use to define success. This success is something that most everyone wants to gain, but few actually obtain. There is an old story about the need for success […]

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