Vistage Licensee

Deliver proven CEO coaching services to leaders in your region.

Being a licensee partner with Vistage means being our representative in the market, establishing a Vistage community and becoming part of a global, world-class network. Launch a business that you are passionate about, committed to and one that delivers attractive results, great growth potential and enhances the lives of CEOs, business owners and executives.

Vistage Licensees are dedicated to making a difference

Your business experience is vital

You will be either an individual entrepreneur or currently running your own organization, but you have the experience, commitment and passion to launch a business based on a successful peer-to-peer learning model. Your experience is critical to positively impact the Chairs and members who join you.

We’ll support you in building a successful business

You will build a business that focuses on delivering value to your members. Vistage will dedicate support and training on how to start up and run your new business successfully. You will gain ongoing access to resources and best practices from around the world to sustain success.

You’ll be part of an international community that share the same values

By launching a Vistage business, you will become part of a dynamic community of global partners with over 17,000 CEOs, business owners and executives as members. All of whom share the same mission and values of trust, caring, challenge and growth.

Low capital investment, high returns and sustained growth

If you are a fit with the Vistage licensee partner model, you can start your business with a low level of initial investment. However, ongoing investment in monetary terms, time and commitment to the business are a must to drive long term, sustainable growth.

Join the elite few chosen as licensee partners

The decision to invest in and launch a new Vistage business is a big decision. It is a decision that requires assessment and understanding from both you and indeed us. We only partner with entrepreneurs of the highest calibre and that can commit their time to delivering results.

A platform for continuous development

If you have a strong desire to continuously learn and develop as person and leader, then launching a Vistage licensee business will provide you with an unrivaled environment and platform to do so.