Innovation in Education

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

– Albert Einstein

As a leader, it is often your responsibility to manage an informed and capable group of people. But as circumstances change, or personnel comes under your control who may not have sufficient training, education and company-wide messaging become essential. Now, with newer digital technologies, as well as a growing standard of remote training, educational initiatives can possibly have more of an impact on your business.

When constructing an educational program for your business, typically a multi-day conference structure is used as you work through the material you deem essential for your employees. That sort of construction has not changed, but its implementation in an online environment has changed. Currently, there are multiple platforms that allow businesses to input their educational programs and transform it so that it functions more efficiently online.

With so many people working from home in the current day, these tools are not only helpful but essential as they actually allow for newer efficiencies when it comes to internal education. With full programs functioning online, businesses do not have to rely on 1on1 style training and can instead implement education on a longer scale. Additionally, these programs can be introduced to other professionals outside of your own business.

A whole wealth of opportunities come about when your educational programs are able to exist and thrive digitally. With more and more people having the ability to access the knowledge you deem vital to your organization, there is a larger, more educated pool of professionals for you to utilize how you see fit. Education, in this way, should be addressed like any area of business: with innovation and growth in mind.

Kelly D. Scott
The world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching organization