Employing Proper Placement as a Leader

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

The implementation of effective leadership can be realized in a number of areas. From establishing a companywide culture to the selection and development of personnel, successful leaders understand that significant efforts should be taken in all areas of leadership. One of the lesser appreciated, yet incredibly important, leadership responsibilities is utilizing proper placement; placing the right people in the right positions can be the difference between success and failure.

A major portion of employing proper placement is in the avoidance of improper placement. Discovering the exact perfect placement can be difficult and sometimes even impossible if the wrong personnel is involved. However, failing to address improper placement can often be even more harmful than other placements that are not quite perfect. It is important to understand that improper placement does happen, even from typically effective leadership. The key is to recognize and address the situation as soon as possible.

Oftentimes, one of the major contributors to poor placement is not allowing your personnel’s direct skillset determine your decision making. Some leaders tend to depend on familiarity or ease of transition when it comes to finding the right person for a job. However, successful leaders often determine the perfect person for a job based on their specific skills and experiences. Every job or assignment requires different, specific needs, so the same sort of specificity should be considered in order to achieve proper placement.

As with all major areas of business, placement is an ongoing and intensive process. Understanding its importance and not settling for below average results can make all the difference in your leadership effectiveness. Great leaders are those who understand the existence of non-ideal placement and work to avoid such results as much as possible.

Kelly D. Scott
The world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching organization