Maximizing Efficient Problem Solving

“Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.”

– Robert Kiyosaki, Businessman & Author

Naturally, many tend to have positive production and potential success in mind when defining the essential elements of business. In reality, even among the most successful organizations, certain negative aspects are just as essential as their positive counterparts. In other words, the existence of “problems” is not only a significant part of business, but an inevitable one. This being true, how one chooses to address and overcome such problems is pivotal in defining success. Those who maximize efficient problem-solving techniques put themselves in the best position to succeed.

Problem solving should be about more than simply “getting over” an issue. Effective problem-solving means attacking the issue in all stages of its development. The trouble many people come across is recurring issues. This typically occurs when a problem “going away” leads to a denial of the cause of said problem. Basically, problem solving is often a form of risk management in that actions should be made with both the future in mind and informed by past problems. In this way, problems should be looked at as objectively as possible (and in as large of a context as possible) in order to make a sound decision.

Remaining objective can be difficult in times of struggle, and sometimes even harmful if done to too large of an extent. However, problems should be understood as a constant and a force that is present despite our emotional reaction. In this sense, problems can be viewed similar to occurrences of success: an area of potential innovation. Issues may create stress and misfortune, but they also allow for opportunity of positive impacts in the long run.

Problem solving efforts deserve significant resources because its success can have as large of an impact on a business as nearly every other area of operation. When viewed objectively and in a large context, times of struggle can yield ample opportunity and future success.

Kelly D. Scott
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