Optimizing and Maintaining Synergy

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Working in a collective group is a foundational part of nearly every business. Harmonious relationships are difficult to maintain, yet are achievable and sought after by all who pursue success. However, many businesses already have some idea of this process or a team already in place. Finding the perfect team to enact innovation can be difficult but maintaining effective teamwork for an extended period can provide even more of a challenge.

Perhaps the largest obstacle in maintaining success as a collective is properly diagnosing potential struggles. In times of success it may be easy to identify the elements that make your team particularly effective. However, in times of struggle, many people tend to misidentify issues within their group, causing many groups to dissolve or reorganize unnecessarily. Like with many things in regard to team building and communication issues, it is important to look at the problem as a whole, both the good and the bad, in order to properly find out what needs to be done differently.

One common issue in this regard comes from analyzing success (or failure) in the short term rather than long term. Potential downswings are natural to most business processes, yet even understanding this, many take the failures increasingly more seriously than minor successes. Recognizing failures in a wider context can not only provide the perspective necessary to motivate for the future, but also a better recognition of your team makeup during previous times of success. Communicating this understanding to all members of a group is crucial to sustaining positive chemistry and effectiveness.

Lastly, it is imperative to establish success within a group as not only an individual achievement but also a separate collective success of the group as whole. Even when every piece of a team has their own job to fulfill, rallying under a common understanding of both managing failure and cultivating success is necessary in sustaining synergy in the long term.

Kelly D. Scott
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