Addressing Communication Issues

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

– John Powell, Film Composer

With many people and businesses shifting to working remotely or other alternative modes of business, it isn’t a surprise that a few issues have arisen. Due to the nature of working remotely, it seems many of these issues stem from insufficient communication or struggling to adapt to the new environments of oneself and others. However, there are a few things that can be done differently to help better your communication in this difficult time and beyond.

First, it is important that you have a foundation of sorts for communication across the board with everyone you work with. By establishing standards and a basic outline for how people are to operate, a baseline is created that everyone can strive for and refer to in times of confusion. This should be the standard for all forms of communication, and not just with clientele or outside business, but especially internally. This baseline should be clear and achievable for all, while still enhancing the present norms of communication. Still, the main focus is that every single person involved is on the same page and is able to work in unison.

Since it may be a little harder to organize meetings due to the increase in remote workers, a focus on including all personnel in regular communication is necessary. It may seem easier for certain persons to fall by the wayside with this newly found lack of face to face contact, so checking in regularly is a must. Along this same vein, feedback regarding the newer forms of communication should be gathered as frequently as possible. Everyone is going through this transition together, therefore sharing one’s own personal experiences while adapting and grappling with communication issues can only benefit and accelerate this process.

It can be difficult to tackle issues of communication in any area of life, but the key is to be proactive and honest with oneself. Understanding exactly what sorts of issues you are having (and not brushing them aside) will better help understand their causes and ultimately find solutions.

Kelly D. Scott
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