Benefits of Working Remotely

“What you don’t do determines what you can do.”

-Tim Ferriss, American Entrepreneur

With the recent pandemic outbreak, people throughout the world have contemplated working remotely, away from the office. But even before the current climate had urged many to begin working from home, working remotely has been trending more and more as a primary option for many modern workers and leaders. Studies have shown that there are numerous benefits from working remotely as well as a number of things that can make your potential temporary transition into this area an easier one.

The main thing many might see as a potential detriment to working remotely is the likelihood of a decrease in productivity. With all the freedom that comes from working by oneself at home, many believe that a lack of an “office” setting will lead to less work getting done. However, most do not consider the numerous distractions of the typical office that working remotely would eliminate — the general noise, chatty coworkers, rigid hours, among a few of said distractions. In fact, a 2-year case study on this issue from Stanford professor, Nicholas Bloom, presented a finding of a 14% increase in both productivity and hours worked for those who transitioned into working remotely.

Working from home does have its other obvious benefits as well. The most impactful of these for many people are likely the new freedom that comes along with being able to set your own schedule. Of course, there may be many reasons that work must be done in a specific time frame (it’s difficult to coordinate a meeting at midnight), but working in your place of residence opens up much more flexibility that should be utilized to best suit your personal performance.

Operating in a new environment no doubt brings its own sorts of challenges. Yet at the same time, a number of advantages can come in your current situations. The key is maximizing those advantages to their fullest and see how they can greatly enhance your day to day while working remotely. Understand that at the end of the day work is work and leadership is leadership, discovering how you can focus in on that simple fact will determine your success.

Kelly D. Scott
The world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching organization