The Importance of Community Interaction

“Companies and leaders are role models – not just with the business community – but in the broader world.”

– Chip Conley

There are numerous ways to get your company more involved with the community but knowing where to start can be difficult to some. Thankfully, in the modern age community involvement is easier now than ever. Not only is access to your local community made easier through technology, but also the number of ways you can affect the community has increased substantially.

Sometimes inserting yourself into the local community is just a matter of communication. Starting a blog or writing a newspaper/local magazine article can help others get to know you and your business in a more intimate way. Many times, the obstacle to your business isn’t your actual business, but rather brand awareness. Helping your community better understand what you stand for and how your services can benefit their lives can go a long way.

Other options include sponsoring other local businesses and sports teams or eliciting jobs/internships from people within your community. Becoming a sponsor not only helps local facilities thrive (and therefore the community) but it also increases awareness of your business and values. Sponsorship can and should extend to local charitable organization as well, which, of course, make a direct positive impact on your community.

Helping cultivate a better community not only has a positive effect on those who live within your community, but also grows your business, increases employee morale, and demonstrates your company’s values to the surrounding community. Community involvement can be a company wide effort. The team building and overall positive effect on your local communities only better ensures your path to success.

Kelly D. Scott
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