Strategies to Spark Creativity and Innovation

“Innovation is the new competitive advantage.”

– Julie Sweet

Plenty has been said about the necessity of innovation and creativity when it comes to business. But what does that mean? Just deciding to innovate is only a small part of actually sparking innovation. Successful innovation requires a surge of creative solutions. Yet often, people find themselves in a creative rut where the more they try to “force” creativity, the further they feel from an actual solution. In moments such as these, it is important to know that there are numerous strategies available that can combat this sort of stalemate.

One of the most useful strategies may be obvious to most: brainstorm with other people. Having other people to bounce ideas off of can not only introduce new views and ideas from others, but inspire a whole new idea, something no one person could have achieved alone. However, in the midst of a creative rut, and all immediate resources have been exhausted, it is still viable to use brainstorming as a strategy, but this time collaborating with a new group of people, furthering the diversity of potential creativity.

Along the same vein of crisis management and learning from mistakes, another strategy is to take a wide view of all past creative efforts. In doing this, one may learn not only what can be approved upon, but also be reminded of the strategies taken to achieve success previously. It’s not just innovations that benefit from this sort of reflection, but general business practices and market trends too.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that innovation and creativity should be a constant process rather than periodic events. The most successful businesses are always innovating and taking a creative approach to business on a day to day basis. Don’t let a temporary creative standstill halt innovation and success.

Kelly D. Scott
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