Making Clear Your Purpose as a Leader

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

– James Humes, Author

Leadership isn’t always just about the position you hold. Good leadership depends heavily on how your hold yourself and how others respond to your leadership techniques. Knowing your identity as a leader is essential in succeeding effectively in a leadership position. How could you lead effectively if you yourself aren’t even sure about your purpose as a leader? It can be difficult, especially when you are already an established leader, to reevaluate and establish your purpose as a leader, but doing this will grow your effectiveness as a leader.

It is important to take an active approach when it comes to making clear your purpose. Ways of achieving this can be directly asking for feedback from your coworkers, being open to criticism, and taking into account your day to day struggles. It can be easy to brush off simple discrepancies but taking everything into account will allow you to see a clearer path to improvement.

However, instead of immediately thinking of ways you can improve, it can be most beneficial if you first establish your ultimate goal, what you want your clear purpose to be as a leader. To do this, listen to your personal yearnings and don’t be afraid to pursue something that may be a little out of your comfort zone. The point of this exercise is to find the sort of purpose that will make you feel fulfilled, so that may include going a totally different direction then you have been.

No matter what direction you take, as always, communication is key. As your purpose gets retooled and reestablished it is important to let others know of your new goals and methods. Doing this allows your employees to naturally work toward similar goals and respond to your leadership more appropriately.

With critical feedback and personal understanding, you have the groundwork to establish your purpose as a leader. It is important not to forget the successful elements of leadership you have already previously discovered. Defining purpose and effective leadership is about more than just correcting your mistakes and having a clearer goal, it is also about further enhancing your already known strengths. Do what you do best, being mindful of others, and being clear in your goals can go a long way.

Kelly D. Scott
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