How to Get the Attention Your Business Deserves

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”

– Seth Godin, Marketer and Author

For many leaders, establishing a potentially profitable product or service is only the first step in maintaining a successful business. No matter how solid your service may be, if you are not able to reach a sufficient number of consumers, it is nearly impossible to survive. You must ask yourself, “Am I reaching a large enough audience,” and “How can I receive the awareness my business requires?” Much of the answer lies in basic marketing strategy, for which most businesses already have a plan in place. But another viable way to garner attention is to appeal to the larger media. Understanding what journalists and general media consumers want, may be the difference between anonymity and relevancy.

Much of the regular media focuses on the day to day trends in their given industry. If your business is relevant to the current culture, issues, or market, you may see greater opportunity for exposure in the broader media. And even if you feel your business is more niche, there may be similar space or platform that compliments what you do well. Either way, for all types of businesses, appealing to those with heavy influences on media, whether it be a journalist or other types, is important. But perhaps more important is connecting with everyone else, meaning those that consume said media.

How well can your business, company, or product engage the public? The media at large depends on interesting and accessible stories. Try to see if there is an aspect of your business strong enough to potentially penetrate the daily news cycle. This may be the hiring of new personnel, the release of a new product, or any exciting project in the works. Think of what currently matters most for you and your business and figure out how to best communicate that to the public.

It is important to be aware, however, that other companies may know these approaches as well. Because of this, be active in staying on top of your competition and understand how you can differentiate yourself in this regard. After all, in some way, your business is unique enough to be in the position it is currently in. The more you are able to communicate this fact, the greater and more widespread your public perception will become.

Kelly D. Scott
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