There Is Only One of You, So How Do You Do Everything?

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”

-Thomas Merton

It has been said that, in some way, the individual is more important than the company. Even with that known, it’s easy to forget about the importance of the individual from time to time, especially when your company is experiencing success. But these moments of success are perhaps the most important times in which to check yourself as an individual.

Often, times of success create long stretches of busy-ness. It’s at these moments that it can be difficult to have solid time management and work-life balance. You may not notice the importance of these things immediately in these positive moments, but during more stressful times they can become real problems if not utilized correctly.

Good time management, especially, is crucial in understanding potential productivity and realizing your inefficiencies. Part of time management isn’t just managing your time at the office but understanding the need for time away from work. It can seem tough at times to unplug and not be working 24/7, but in the long run, a good work-life balance is essential in preventing burnout and maintaining your productivity.

Even with all the right percussion, sometimes the individual can only do so much. Yet, frequently it is in our nature to put the burden of stress and overworking on ourselves rather than others. This is where good leadership skills come in. It takes a strong leader to be able to realize his troubles, and an even stronger one to be able to communicate that with his employees. Having a clear understanding of time management and a positive work life balance will greatly benefit yourself as an individual and your company as well.

Kelly D. Scott
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