Using Video Content for your Business

“It is not that we use technology, we live technology.”

-Godfrey Reggio

More and more, individuals and businesses are ‘pivoting’ to video, transitioning many text-based functions into concise audio-visual content. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have seen an uptick (especially from larger companies) in video posts, rather than traditional text-based post. In one way, this comes from the visual attractiveness of video content and the growing technological capabilities of these various social media platforms. But in another way, businesses have seen that users do not engage in text-based content near as much as video.

A lot of this is likely has due to the shrinking attention span of the average consumer. With the advent of mobile phones, social media, and digital messaging, many people have been conditioned to expect concise, immediate information and content on a regular basis. Users are begging to prefer shorter ‘Tweet-length’ summations of information rather than reading whole articles or press releases.

With the ease of access of modern technology and the growing dependencies on internet-based devices, businesses have found it necessary to grow along with the consumer. This doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating jobs that would lean in more traditional or print messaging, but rather utilizing the communicative skill set in a new way. In many ways, social media and digital streaming platforms have become as relevant as television or print media. So, it only makes sense to interact with the consumer in a way that best utilizes the platform, just as television once did with longer commercials or print media did with featured ad space.

A major point of business and marketing is being able to hold the customer’s attention. And with the immediacy of many people’s (especially young persons) viewing habits, short form video seems an increasingly relevant way to best engage with the consumer.

Kelly D. Scott
The world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching organization