New Goals for 2019

“Without commitment, you’ll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish.”
–Denzel Washington

January presents a unique time in people’s lives to reflect on this past year’s sweet successes, and learn from their bitter failures. Regardless of last year’s outcome, people desire to continue pushing themselves, achieving both personal and organizational success, and earning the respect of their peers along the way. This presents a wonderful opportunity for businesses to devise new goals for the beginning of this year.

Many people set personal and professional goals in the New Year, such as losing ten pounds or striving to obtain a particular sales volume. However, many of these goals fall short of making it past the month of January. Having commitment to these goals is absolutely vital in making them a reality while putting them into clear writing can be extremely helpful.

As with any goal, the objective should be both difficult yet attainable. Goals such as integrating a new and emerging technology into your business, gaining a certain number of clientele, or acquiring a desired consumer base will aid in the growth of your business for the upcoming year. Setting the bar high will challenge your employees to dig down and discover their very best while maximizing their potential. The goal should be both specific and clear, allowing those working towards it to thoroughly understand what it is your company seeks to achieve.

In order to know if you have achieved a goal, it must be quantifiable. That way employees can monitor their progress and receive feedback during their difficult yet obtainable climb to success. Small movements combine to create major impacts that can lead to a rippling effect around the workplace.

Consistency is the final ingredient; without consistency, your goal is likely to die off like the number of people in the gym on February 1st.  Setting up a tracking and reminder system can aid in your company’s consistency, enabling employees to visualize their progress while keeping them updated on the work that still needs to be completed to reach the overall goal.

Finally, celebrate! Plan on the end of December being a time of celebration with your coworkers for all the long hours and hard work they put in helping achieve your company’s goal. This will reinforce the mindset of commitment and consistency carrying through to January, with a whole new mountain to climb.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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