Technology – Friend or Foe?

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”
~ Christian Lous Lange

I recently watched a YouTube video with Simon Sinek and Jim Kwik about how Smartphones are MAKING US STUPID and it made me think and reflect on what a powerful tool technology can be and also what a great danger it can be to our well-being.

While technology has made our lives easier in many respects; think research before Google arrived on the scene and the many hours we spent researching things via text books, navigating reference materials at the library or even via encyclopedias which you would remember if you are my age. While this has certainly cut down on the time required to do research, it has also not helped our thought process and our ability to think about what you are researching as opposed to these thoughts being given to you.

It is important that we remain the creative individuals that we can be and that this creativity is what makes us unique and prevents us all from being; God forbid, like everyone else. By having to use our minds to devise what it is we want to say and how we want to say it makes for a much more interesting world and not one that relies on set forms and formats that are given to us so readily on the programs that our smart devices all have access. I remember fondly (now) about a project that was given to my class by a business professor while I attended USC that asked for a conclusion to a problem. Many students, myself included, were interested to know what the professor wanted and how he wanted it to look and we were dumbfounded to hear that he wanted us to figure it out on our own and present it in whatever format that we felt would state our case. There were no formats or forms to guide us, just our own unique thoughts and ideas. It also allowed this professor to get a window to our beliefs and thought processes. While I felt lost at the time, it definitely made me look at my own ideas in a much different way.

Technology can be a wonderful servant, but a horrible master. It should never replace the interaction of humans, the fine art of communication and the joy of seeing a person’s reaction to your thoughts no matter how odd or different that they may be. Take the time to sit down with your spouse, significant other, children, grandchildren, co-workers, friends or complete strangers and have a real conversation and not be led by Siri, Alexa or any other AI entity. Just the act of a conversation will bring you great joy as well as an immense amount of satisfaction in dealing with a fellow human that can be more rewarding than a multitude of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

The best share you can experience is one that is face to face with another human.

Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors as I chose not to use the tools provided by this program.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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