Planning for Growth

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”
~ Harvey S. Firestone

For most leaders in the business world, accomplishing steady growth within all aspects of a business model is the main goal. As we experience growth, getting overwhelmed and losing track of goals is not uncommon, however, having a strong plan for growth over time is key to maintaining a strong company brand.

To assess the progress of growth within your business, always remember to monitor the methods that successfully allow you to reach your target goals. Whether it’s an increase in profits, expanding markets, or product distribution, it’s crucial to know how and why your business or organization is experiencing growth. Regardless of your type of business or organization, planning and reviewing growth is necessary on an ongoing basis.

Use social media tools to oversee financial information such as investors, buyers, and sales forecasts to measure your growth strategy and to keep it moving in the appropriate direction. Understanding budgets and allocating for priorities or even financial contingencies demonstrates a strong and responsible business leadership.

When planning for growth, make sure your goals and expected outcomes are realistic and achievable. Setting the bar too high leaves room for mistakes and letdowns while setting the bar too low can lead to wasting time and resources. Organize ahead of time to plan for all areas of growth. Solve any issues as they happen and keep your strategy strong.

When thinking about future growth within your business or organization, its important for business leaders to take the necessary preparation tactics to help the daily business functions run smoothly.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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