Social Media Essentials

  “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”— Bill Gates

Social Media is essential for any business to thrive in the current world of high-speed communication. Organizations of all different sizes in any type of industry must understand the importance of staying up-to-date with what’s trending and new in social media.

Here are a few suggestions for business leaders to stay current and get the most out of social media platforms:

  • For most of us who have busy calendars and can’t find the time to be always posting on social media, scheduling posts is now an easy solution. With the use of an online website called HootSuite, users can schedule posts across all social media account from one platform.

  • SlideShare by LinkedIn, included with the basic LinkedIn profile, is a hosting tool for a company to share files and information. PowerPoint, PDF files, and other documents are easily accessible to connect with others in the same industry.

  • The “Post by others” Facebook feature under the activity log in the page settings is a useful tool to allow certain posts (and comments) to be seen front and center on the page’s home section

All of our social media platforms that we use daily have certain features and helpful tools for businesses and organizations to get noticed among potential customers. Take the time to learn more about the tools found within your social media accounts to better promote your business and brand.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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