Talking Millennials

“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”
— John C. Maxwell

The millennial generation currently makes up over 25 percent of today’s population. It’s important to understand how best to communicate effectively with this unique generation. Millennials have become the new face of professionals that are changing the business culture with new motivations, ideas, and potential. Embrace the millennial generation by learning more about their values to help drive your business to future success.

As one example, formal attire is no longer the norm in a more relaxed professional setting for this generation as the evolution of more technology and less face to face communication has become a more effective use of time. All types of digital technology including social media, instant messaging, and virtual meetings are becoming the faster and more effective strategy for many companies. Getting things done quickly and efficiently while staying highly connected to the world of new technology trends is the key to keeping up with and utilizing the mindset of the millennial generation.

Think in terms of social media overall, millennials strive to work and communicate with others while sharing ideas and taking part in mutual discussions. Most of this generation thrives on feedback that’s clear and direct to measure overall business performance. Their hyperactive lives, fully “scheduled” childhoods and powerful enthusiasm gives them the bold confidence to reach the top of any business or organization.

The older workplace structure of a 40 hour week is not the image of business millennials identify as their career vision. Finding a work-life balance has become the most important motivator for this generation. The office has become a new haven to improve strong relationships with coworkers that include company-wide teamwork activities and events.

Millennials appear to be a generation of positive young adults that seek a rewarding career filled with technology, friendships, communication, and commitment to success. Integrate the millennial generation into your business or organization to create a strong workforce of the future.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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