Our Tech Addiction

“While technology is important, it’s what we do with it that truly matters.”
-Muhammad Yunus

We have all become aware of the fact that most people in most situations are glued to their mobile devices. Now more than ever, society has become so technologically driven that a “tech addiction” is more than a silly explanation for spending too much time on social media.  It seems that every time we “like”, share, comment, post, or tweet we want our devices to be within our reach at any time of day to prevent us from feeling left out, or excluded from new trends.

Like any other habit, the tech addiction is developing in today’s young adults and children and stems from social media giants specifically designing platforms to assure users will become attached with tremendous peer pressure added in. With every new digital device that enters the market, the issue of tech addiction appears to increase. Because of future development and technology it’s nearly impossible to fully stop this behavior, but understanding ways to reduce it within your life can drastically improve well being.

Teach yourself to understand the importance of social interactions without technology. Putting away or shutting off your mobile device around friends and family is the first step. Enjoy what’s around you instead of constantly wondering what is happening on your smart phone.

Before its time to turn in for the night, give yourself at least 30 minute of no screen time. This means not checking emails or any of your social media accounts. Allow yourself to relax with a book or meditation rather than the distraction of Snapchat or Twitter disrupting your resting period.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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