Caring Branding

“Every great brand is like a great story.”
~ Kevin Plank

Your company brand is an image which represents what you have to offer to your customer. Uncovering the reasons people care about and choose your brand and business is the key to increasing revenues, profits and overall success. Competition in any marketplace, including globally popular brands, is fierce and constantly changing. It pays to research and develop the reasons why people decide to choose your brand over others.

Identifying your target audience and pinpointing what they need and when they need it should be your research focus. From that point, marketing and advertising then should take the lead. Searching for that fulfillment of the need in certain specific demographics like age and occupation can create a guide to where your product or service would be most effective. Finding the match between the customers’ needs and how your brand can be delivered offers the relationship you need to create the “care” in your brand.

It’s easier than ever for a business or organization to get lost in the sea of brand messages advertised each day. Going beyond the concept of mass advertising with targeted management such as building trust and strong customer relationship adds the loyalty factor all brands need and should strive for. To help achieve those customer relationships, share your opinions and values and also listen so people can feel connected to you and your brand on a personal level.

Always remember that brands that feel impersonal or generic will rarely get the needed attention from customers to bring them to the point of purchase. To get your target audience to care about your company, your brand needs to fulfill their needs and portray a sense of integrity out into the community.

A business’s brand has a lot to say about its’ product or service, employees and culture. Take the time to understand your target audience and how to become a brand they truly care about.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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