Exceeding Expectations

“There is no straighter road to success than exceeding expectations one day at a time.”
~Robin Crow

With the stress of the holidays, we can sometimes lose track of the goals we hope to achieve once the New Year arrives. New opportunities for success and growth both personally and professionally should be the focus for 2018.  Go the extra mile now to exceed expectations within the work place.

  • To start with a simple tip on exceeding expectations, understand that communication is key. Whether it’s through email or in person, communicating shows that you are professional dependable.
  • Asking questions is another great way to exceed expectations. Sometimes we think asking questions is intimidating and awkward but, it shows your interest in wanting to learn and understand more.
  • Take initiative and get creative. Finding new and exciting ways to improve the way business is done increases the value you have within the business or organization.
  • Take on different tasks. Even though most of us are busy this time of year, volunteering to take on a new task that involves a deadline is both helpful and demonstrates strong leadership qualities.
  • Teach yourself something new. Learning a new skill like a digital software application or updating your knowledge of trends that are popular in the industry is sure to exceed expectations within the office.

It’s never too late to start working up the ladder of success within your business or organization. Exceeding expectations can start with small steps and expand into bigger and better efforts that are seen in positive productivity levels.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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