YouTube Your Business

“Science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”
~ Edward Teller

To create a successful online presence for your business or organization, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usually come to mind. Remember to include YouTube as a fundamental approach to maximizing your social media marketing. The millennial generation is interested in short, concise videos that are tailored to their personalities and interests; YouTube is a great place to be seen.

With YouTube the second most searched webpage in the world, creating a personalized business page is important for standing out among your professional peers.  By simply changing your settings on your business page, adding your company logo, updating the color scheme and background creates a more unique and memorable page for the viewer

For videos to grab the attention of viewers, it’s crucial to make it as easy as possible for someone to find your business YouTube profile. Always include the YouTube link on the company website, Google account, and other social media platforms. Also, utilize keywords that relate to your industry with the YouTube “Tagline Tool” to ensure your videos reach the largest population of viewers.

Having a business YouTube page is also a great way for engaging team building opportunities within the office. Gather a different team together each quarter to collaborate and shoot a small YouTube clip emphasizing your businesses products and services.

YouTube is an easy and affordable way to create content and share your business or organization with a larger audience of potential customers.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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