Bravery in Business

“The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.”
~ Robert Green Ingersoll

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes but, when it comes to your business or organization bravery is the element that creates success. As a business leader, bravery means standing up for what you believe in, always trying to do the right thing, and following your dreams and goals.

Not only does bravery require toughness and strength but, emotion and forgiveness are also key. Understand that bravery in business means we must learn to look past mistakes, show appreciation, and forgive ourselves and those whose errors we can learn from.

In business, when we want to appear professional and brave we may think that asking questions will show weakness. Asking questions helps to gain respect from coworkers while showing normal human qualities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions even if you feel you might be vulnerable.

While waiting for success to actually start showing up in your profits, patience is the key to incorporating bravery into business practices. Take success step by step and always remember to stay patient no matter the obstacles you come across.

Whether you come across rejection or multiple failures, bravery is the key to staying a strong and empathetic business leader while pursuing lifelong satisfaction and success.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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