Erase a Bad Habit

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”
~ Nathaniel Branden

Personal as well as professional bad habits are typically challenging to break and can cause you to lose focus and decrease productivity throughout the day. Bad habits create an endless cycle that in turn, may create a bad lifestyle. Focusing on changing bad habits to accomplish more each day while building up a positive attitude.

Common professional bad habits are arriving late to work and meetings, procrastinating and avoiding difficult or even repetitive tasks you are required to do. Oddly enough, the best way to erase a bad habit is to consciously recognize the grip it has on your life. Sometimes bad habits can be hard to identify until you take the time to pinpoint what is holding you back from success. Strength and consistency are then required.

To fill this void you might feel in your life, try replacing it with a mental or physical positive habit that makes you feel good and boosts overall happiness. At the office, these positive habits might include showing up a little earlier, making a new connection with a coworker or, volunteering to work on a new project. The possibilities of creating a new positive habit in the workplace are endless.

Avoid letting a bad habit take control of your personal and professional life. Erase bad habits and replace them with positive and rewarding habits to be the best version of yourself.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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