Recovering from a Social Media Setback

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”
~ Christian Lous Lange

With the immediate and very public features that are involved with social media, companies are becoming more aware of the possibility of errors. Social media implementation is essential for a business or organization to grow but can also be an easy outlet for errors and missteps to occur. Understand how to recover from a possible social media setback.

Sometimes it’s not always the initial social media post that is causing a negative frenzy but can be the reaction delivered in response. When a social media setback occurs, take a moment to let the hype slow down. Strategize an appropriate thoughtful response that shows careful professionalism in this type of situation.

It’s important to understand for your reputation to recover, you must accept the responsibility of the mistake. Acting like nothing happened without addressing the situation will only hurt your company’s reputation in the end.

In any crisis, it’s important to have a company wide crisis communication plan in place. Create a multi-step plan which lays out the foundation on how to respond to a social media setback that follows the company’s image and mission.

Not all social media mistakes can be solved quickly. With appropriate attention and care, most errors can be handled to minimize the damage and move on to a more positive future.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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