Embrace your Curiosity

“At the heart of great leadership is a curious mind, heart, and spirit.”
~ Chip Conley

Embracing the unknown in life and in business can lead to unexpected new routes for growth and success. In the current work culture, we have developed a need to always be absolutely certain and cautious in everything we do. Without the important benefit of curiosity, tasks may become tired, dull, and without spirit and strength. Explore the curiosity that lies within your business or organization.

In our daily routines, we sometimes get too comfortable with knowing that each day will most likely play out the same as it did the day before. Instead of your dependable routine, embrace curiosity to boost work and personal life satisfaction. As an easy example, make new connections with people you don’t always speak to at work, hunt for new learning opportunities, and open your mind to new ideas and opinions from everyone around you.

As a business leader, it’s important to see curiosity as an attribute that should be encouraged within your work environment. While building your company culture, foster curiosity and encourage each colleague by asking open questions. Asking questions that help to advance new ideas and curiosity creates stronger relationships between coworkers and cultivates a more creative and constructive environment.

Embrace your curiosity professionally and personally.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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