Alone in the Crowd

“No one is alone, it’s one’s perception, someone can imagine as alone in a group or one can think as in group while he is alone”
~ Muhammad Ibraheem

Sometimes in the work place, we can feel the isolation of keeping our eyes and brains locked onto a screen in order to jump from completing one task to the next until the end of the work day. With the advancements in technology and the limitations put on companies to reduce the opportunity for human interaction and personal expression, it’s not a surprise that people may feel a sense of being alone in a crowd of their colleagues. Take the first step to start enjoying your career by engaging with your peers and incorporating it in your daily routine.

For many people, successful collaboration requires us to see and hear others we are communicating with. Emails, texting and video chatting have all taken away the need for basic face to face interaction. As a business owner encourage employees to build relationships that spark trust, solve a corporate problem and create a more personal and human company culture.

The differences between individuals within the workplace can be the single most important factor in erasing the line between work and social life. Differences can create opportunity as well as alternative perspectives that as a company, can be used as a focal point for new and innovative ideas.

Practice taking a bigger leap when it comes to incorporating personal connections into your work life. Relationships can foster inspiring moments that will only improve your overall happiness.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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