Summertime Slump

“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do
doesn’t mean it’s useless.”
~ Thomas A. Edison

During the summer months, some businesses can face a summer time slump as an effect of a more relaxed attitude with time off from school and family vacations affecting everyone’s focus. Is your business losing profits and falling into a summertime slump? Investigate strategies that work against the summer time slump to ensure continuous success all year.

Along with more popular holidays during the year, don’t forget the summer season is a great time for your business to highlight the unique activities popular during the summer months. Create high appeal seasonal events to promote different products or services. Cookouts, fireworks, picnics at the beach and outdoor activities in general are great seasonal tools to incorporate into your marketing plan that everyone can look forward to.

Don’t forget to update your activity on social media during this time.  Summer is a great time for you to boost your social presence and reach new audiences. Use social media to post summer time images and blogs or engage customers with fun social media contests while using the opportunity to personalize your brand.

Summer is also a great time of year to introduce new products into the marketplace. Announcing a new product during the summer months gives your business an opportunity to try something new to a smaller audience and make adjustments for a bigger launch later.

Don’t let the hot summer months get in the way of new business ventures. Summer is a great season for your company to test new markets and improve impact for the upcoming busy fall season.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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