Authentic Leadership in Business

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”
~ Roy E. Disney

When we think of leadership in the office, some skills may come instinctively others are learned over time through trial and error. While trying to grow your business or organization, practicing new leadership skills while staying true to your own ideals is key to overall success. Understand a few simple steps to increase authentic leadership skills in the office.

Personal as well as company development goals are always important to share with your employees. Share your personal overall goals to create an open conversation in which ideas and strategy can be shared and to inspire others. As a leader, making employees feel comfortable and gaining trust in your leadership skills will only help you further reach the goals you set.

Sometimes sharing how we approached a situation and admitting we were wrong can be one of the hardest things to do. Understand that we make mistakes and don’t always need to come across as a perfect leader. Create an open work culture and discuss the errors you have made and what you have learned from them. Encourage employees to have the strength to do the same. Recognizing missteps as a team and working through them will help to shine a light on your authentic leadership skills in the office.

To achieve overall growth and happiness within your business and organization, understand how to create authentic leadership skills in the office.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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