Managing the Hiring Process

“Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.”
~ Steve Jobs

As a business owner, looking for a new employee to fit seamlessly into your office culture can be a difficult task. Hiring the wrong person to fill a certain position can take a drastic toll on your company and your team’s morale by wasting time and resources. Understanding the impact of a bad hire can go a long way towards the overall growth of your business.

One of the greatest costs of a poor hire is a lack of productivity while the overall impact may be to cause a team to become dissatisfied and lose interest in doing a good job. Poor performing employees are hard to spot when interviewing potential candidates and it’s important to communicate with current staff to provide feedback about the new hire. Training and retraining employees while utilizing existing staff takes time and energy that your business can’t always afford to dedicate.

While Human Resources has evolved into a science and can be an effective hiring tool, it’s often necessary to also utilize older methods of screening. Often a face to face meeting with the prospective new hire’s peers can help the hiring manager gain a new view of the possibility of a good fit.

Recruiting and training are all part of the cost of a growing business. However managing the hiring process can be a larger expense when not conducted properly. The financial costs of hiring someone inappropriate or without the proper previous experience can be devastating particularly to a small business.

Your business’s reputation can either make or break your business or organization. New hires may be able to add or detract from that reputation. Monitor your company’s brand image on all social media platforms to make sure new hires aren’t making errors that are costing you business.

Hiring new team members is a risk for all business owners. Understand the positive impact of having the right person in the right place and take your time hiring that person.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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