Internship Programs

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”
~ Keri Russell

Internship programs can be a very effective recruitment strategy for businesses of all sizes. Hiring interns can be an exciting experience for both the company and the intern and breathe new life into a stale atmosphere while aiding in a possible career path for a college student. Understand how to start an internship program in your office to grow your company or organization.

Introducing new ideas, skills and innovations are all possible when hiring interns. When planning for interns, make sure you review your needs as a business. Basic items like work space, time allotted to train and supervision should all be discussed to plan the best experience for all involved. This will help your team determine the best places to seek interns, the hours you will need and the background that will produce the best fit along with the proper office resources to support another employee.

Another factor to consider is the understanding that paid internships are, of course, more attractive to most students but unpaid internships are also possible. Creating an hourly rate that your business can justify while being reflective of what talents you are looking for and the help you are offering is the first step in deciding the compensation.

One big benefit of internship programs is that most young college students tend to be technology oriented which can be a benefit in your organization and can help you stay innovative and fresh in your approach no matter what market or industry your business operates. Job fairs at local universities and their career services are great places to start your search.

Taking this step in innovation in your business will help you grow and give back to the community.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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