Target Social Media


Understanding how to engage and attract certain groups of people on social media is a crucial part in any business or organization in this era.  Millennials and Generation Z are the first two generations to grow up with the internet as part of their daily lives and academics, giving them the ability to have access to products and services faster and more effectively than ever before. Learn how to target and harness the buying power of millennials and Generation Z with a few simple strategies.

First, know that becoming familiar and visible is one of the most important concepts when it comes to products and services. If your business is on Twitter, step up your hash tag terms to allow people to be connected to your social media. Even simple hash tags like #motivation, #CEO, and #peergroups will have your company stand out among others. In addition, if you are sharing a post on Facebook, make sure you are sharing it on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as examples.

Social media is a big platform for Millennials and Generations Z in viewing new pop culture trends such as memes, they appreciate and want ads to be witty and quick. Engaging them requires honest brands that showcase not only what they see as important but will attract their peers as well. Posts should be honest but not planned, show them who you are with behind the scenes information.

The younger generations have seen the world change in multiple ways, social change and lending a helping hand is becoming a more popular trend. Allow your company to showcase all the different ways it has made an impact or a change in society. Whether it’s the way you are helping global climate change or hosting a companywide volunteering day, the younger generations value doing right in the world.

Create a marketing plan to target younger demographics on your social media sites, allowing these young generations to see and remember your brand and the ways it can impact their lives in a positive and helpful way.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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