Receive with Respect

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.”
~ Laurence Sterne

To continually build on business development and personal growth, effective feedback is usually necessary. When we hear negative feedback about a project or decision that we took great pains to complete effectively, the natural reaction is to take it personally and consider it negative criticism. While feedback can be painful to hear, it is often the pathway to corrective action that can be beneficial to moving forward.  It often takes great courage to receive criticism with respect and use it as a tool for betterment.

In many cases, our first instinct when responding to feedback is defensive. Train yourself to consider the true meaning of the comment and your reaction.  Feedback may help you improve yourself while refining skills and learning new methods and practices. Take a step back and truly understand the feedback so you can then analyze and plan your next step.

Personal growth often depends on face-to-face interactions with others even though this can be difficult. Instead of sitting back and allowing negative reviews to affect your progress, ask questions and clarify exactly what is expected and turn feedback into a constructive conversation. This will allow you and others critiquing you to feel more comfortable during this interaction.

Don’t let critical feedback set you back and make you feel hostile toward others. Know how to receive corrective action with respect in your professional setting.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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