Earn Respect in the Office


“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”
~ Bryant H. McGill

Earning professional respect from both peers and employees is important for future success and overall personal fulfillment in your career field. Learn to stop the behaviors that might be holding you back from earning the respect you want and deserve in the office.

You might have already suspected that showing up late to the office or arriving late to a scheduled meeting is a big problem when you are trying to earn respect. Forcing a group of people to wait for you to arrive for a meeting will show that you don’t take your job seriously and more importantly, have no respect for their time. If you must be late, communicate with those you are meeting with. It’s easier than ever to take advantage of a call, text or tweet to inform your meeting partners of a necessary delay.

We have all attended a meeting with someone typing on their computer or using their cell phone. One of the most disrespectful behaviors you can exhibit is to focus on technology during a meeting instead of the speaker or the topic of the meeting. This behavior shows you have no interest in the meeting, the subject or the information being presented and sends a clear message of disrespect.

Of course, having loud conversations on the phone in your office or cubical is considered disrespectful to others around you. The office is a place that should be considered an environment with a professional atmosphere in order to make decisions, deadlines and think creatively without disruption.

Remember to reinforce your own positive habits when you’re trying to achieve a goal. Retraining yourself to avoid a few simple behaviors that might be causing you a loss of respect in the office will help build your career.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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