Fishing for Top Talent

Fishing for Talent

“Talent is like electricity. We don’t understand electricity. We use it.”
~ Maya Angelou

We have all seen or heard about extravagant and over the top parties thrown by large corporations with food, drink and top tier entertainment. Often the aim of these gatherings is to retain top employees and to attract new talent. With the big business world filled with employee perks and incentives costing thousands of dollars per employee how do small businesses compete for some of the best talent out there?

Now more than ever employees are recognizing the importance of intrinsic value and personal rewards for their performance and efforts. Most of us in the end are motivated by a single purpose, appreciation. This simple act has been shown to keep employees and staff interested in staying with smaller companies.

Instead of the food chain approach of larger companies, smaller companies may offer a way for a new hire to feel personally welcomed and included quickly. Most small businesses bring to the table a way to feel embraced and equal without the risks of being lost in the crowd or feeling as though they are under the microscope of big management.  

Small businesses are also a great way to give your employees special attention that big companies can’t compete with. With large companies that employ hundreds or even thousands of people, getting company perks may be more difficult due to competition and access. Whether it’s a discount on a certain affiliated product or a great deal on a service, small businesses may have access to unique and appreciated incentives.  

The good news for small businesses is that you don’t need costly items and high end parties to attract talented staff, with great relationships, intrinsic rewards and the benefit of small company comfort, a small business can really stand out among the crowd. 

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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