New Year, New You


“Ring out the false, ring in the true.”
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

Whether your new year’s resolutions are to lose weight or build better relationships with friends, family or colleagues, most people tend to stray away from those resolutions well into the new year. One of the main reasons we don’t stick to our resolutions is because we are focusing on the wrong way to research those goals, instead of worrying about physical strength, focus on working on your mental strength first. The way we think and process daily interactions with others affects our overall performance in the office. Learn to build your mental strength instead of physical strength this new year.

We have all heard the saying “silence is golden” at one point but in our busy daily routines, silence can be the most beneficial. Letting yourself sit in silence for a few minutes each day relaxes your mind from the constant flow of information and ideas, allowing yourself to reflect on the day and what you could improve on for tomorrow.

Setting future goals for 2017 is essential for starting the new year with a fresh start. We all know what responsibilities we must accomplish each work day, learn to write down weekly goals to give yourself an advantage. Research has shown that we are much more likely to remember and stick to goals that are written down for us to see.

To get the most out of your metal strength each day, teach yourself to look at the good in your life. By recognizing a few good things each day like; a successful career, a healthy family and great friends, you can change the way you think by avoiding negative thoughts.

Simple ideas to grow your mental strength are easy to forget however, take the few steps each day to help yourself with your career. Self-discipline keeps us all in target and ready for the new challenges of a new year. 

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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