What is Your Biggest Weakness?

Strengths Or Weaknesses Directions On A Metal Signpost

“Every weakness contains within itself a strength.” 
~ Shusaku Endo, Author

Whether you’re interviewing a potential employee or have been interviewed for a position, we have all come across the question “what is your greatest weakness.” Most responses are actually adjusted to show a weakness as a strength for example; “I’m too much of a perfectionist.” Much has been written about how as a job candidate to answer this question including answering with an honest shortcoming that is not essential to success in the position you are applying for. However, we may all gain some insight into our own strengths by examining our weaknesses and learn how to examine our answers to this question.

Identify an actual weakness that you are currently aware of and work on improving the skill.  Allow yourself to identify real weaknesses honestly and the ways and steps you can take to responsibly overcome this shortcoming.  

The real purpose of asking this question of a job candidate is to figure out if a certain weakness will make it hard for a candidate to fit into the culture of your workplace. We all want to add comfort and value while accomplishing the job for your business or organization. Interviews are meant to help filter through the impressions people leave with us and to narrow down the best of the best for consideration.

As an interviewer, it’s crucial to recognize a candidate that’s not insightful enough to clearly identify weaknesses as well as strengths. Working toward a positive outlook and culture in ourselves and hiring for that goal is important both as a leader and to an employee.  

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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