How to Ensure Better Meetings


Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. – Bill Gates

Business meetings, if conducted correctly, can be extremely effective in connecting businesses and organizations to their members or future prospects. One of the most crucial components to increasing a meetings investment value is knowing how your attendees enjoyed or did not enjoy the educational presentation of the meeting.

Meeting evaluations are electronic, paper, or open discussions where attendees share their opinion of the effectiveness of the meeting; it’s a great way for companies to say “what can we do better next time” and set future goals to fix any problems or concerns.

Since technology is such a big part of the business world, it’s not surprising that companies are switching to electronic evaluations instead of paper. Mobile apps are becoming the new way for organizations and businesses to collect instant feedback from sessions.

With businesses implementing new evaluations tools it’s important to remember to keep the feedback open by allowing additional comments from the attendees with notes and other attendee’s suggestions that add value to a standard computerized response rating scale. When researching the most effective mobile app for post-event evaluations always search for apps that include open-ended questions for attendees to leave their opinions and ideas to improve your ratings and allow your attendees to help continue to raise the satisfaction rate into your next business meeting.

We have all sat through business meetings that are far too long and achieved far too little. Proper attendee evaluations can either make or break the future of a business.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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