Attack with Courage

Attack with Courage

As a leader in the business world, courage has to with the eagerness and intelligence to face what needs to be fixed or changed and do what needs to be done. Courage depends upon you being confident in your own personal values and convey them in every aspect of your company or organization. It requires you to be direct in communication, clear and confident in your persuasion, and prepared to do what needs to be done regardless of its acceptance.

Courage is one way a leader can work to influence others in their line of work. It’s been shown that a leader must be able to focus on no more than four core places of excellence to further their company. A few examples include: Making the office the best place to work for employees, excellent customer service involvement, operational excellence in all aspects of the company and financial strength.

The most significant thing a leader must remember when trying to lead with courage is listening to others influencing you. The voices of employees and associates relays information back to you about how they like working with or for you, this kind of information can influence you to see your company from a different perspective and share new, innovative ideas to make a more productive place to work.

Courage is about the directness you put forth in your company aligning with your beliefs and values. Are you ready to attack with courage?

*Concept and ideas from Michael Staver – Author of Leadership Isn’t for Crowds.

Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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