The Inside Truth

“You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.”
~ Brene Brown, American Author

As business leaders, being vulnerable is something we all tend to avoid but, to create a supportive, joyful, and inspiring workplace, vulnerability should be promoted and practiced. The underlying objective of vulnerability is to make valuable connections with others in your business and evolve as your business evolves as well as learning to let things go.

Why is vulnerability an important element of effective leadership? Even though displaying vulnerability is not something most people admit to, it demonstrates that you are open to new ideas, creative solutions, trustworthiness and strengthening the foundation of a relationship. The more we are vulnerable to each other, the more we build that relationship.

Not only is vulnerability a foundation for trust but, it may offer other advantages such as vision and originality as well. Once a person has established their vulnerability, it will open doors to allow this person to steer away from the social norms and offer up new or different ideas, otherwise not suggested. Knowledge that you are a trusted person by others increases productivity and commitment to new ideas in your place of business.

In business settings, vulnerability can build bridges among people humanizing us to see the inside truth.

*Content and ideas from a talk by Jay Rifenbary – Vistage Speaker


Kelly D. Scott
Vistage Florida
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