Don’t Fall Prey to Cyber-Attacks

“Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders.”

 — Ronald Reagan

Every day it seems we hear about the too common corporate breaches that have impacted retail enterprises, banks and government offices. Whether a large company or a small local business, we are all at risk for hackers to steal sensitive information.

Small businesses are becoming a more popular target for hackers because of the lack of time, money and resources these businesses use to protect their online sites as compared to larger corporations. According to research about cyber-attacks, small businesses underestimate the possibility of getting hit with a data breach because they feel they have nothing worth stealing while hackers see the lack of internet protection as an easy way into these businesses and can find very creative ways to profit from the simplest of information. Mailing lists, bank accounts and other stored data can be big profit centers for hackers.

While large corporations may have higher budgets for security and more employees to develop plans for cyber-attacks, there’s still no excuse for smaller businesses to take similar measures. To help protect yourself and your business from cyber-attacks don’t assume your websites and online data is safe from hackers. Since technology is evolving, so is the ability and technology for hackers to wiggle into your secure data, it could be as easy as hacking a simple password. It can take time and effort but the time and effort to restore a hacked business can be impossible.

Cyber-attacks are increasingly common and happen to all kinds of businesses. Educate your employees and update your security and software regularly as a preventative measure to guard against a cyber-attack.