You Never Get a Second Shot at a First Impression

 “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

– Henry Ford

There are hundreds of social media sites where you can spend hours researching all kinds of ideas, people, and news but not all that information can be beneficial to your business. Investing in your professional network involves using websites like LinkedIn, the largest professional network on the internet with over 400 million users, to create your online first impression.

 As a CEO or staff member, it has become increasingly important to keep an updated and positive online reputation on all relevant social media sites. The promotional benefits are endless however the amount of time dedicated to this task can also take over your day. Like all promotional enterprises, the balance of cost and benefit needs to be weighed to be effective. Time management is an ongoing skill to learn and refine.

 However, as we look into “LinkedIn” as an example we notice that every time we make a connection with other business leaders or employees, we allow that person to connect with an outreach network of thousands. These connections may have direct or indirect importance and can have beneficial impacts on sales, business and personal matters that are reachable with the simple effort of a keystroke.

It is easy to forget the huge impact a simple message, tweet, email or connection can have.  Before clicking that send key stop and think about the words and image you are sending out. Your integrity, reputation, ethics and personality are always important. Manners and social graces always matter. Today’s words and actions become your reputation.